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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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there's a lot of damage to this home. the occupants, the people who live there, they were able to get out,. a tremendous amount of damage and work still to be done here. bottom line, if you take fox hall road, because of all the equipment and the hose lines running across the street, it's closed in both directions. so if you take fox hall to go downtown, you have to do something else, at least for the early part of rush hour. back to you guys. megan mcgrath live for us. thank you. now to the las vegas massacre. new this morning, we now have a complete list of the 58 people who died in the worst shooting in u.s. history. the youngest was 20 years old. the oldest 67. >> they were at the route 91 harvest festival sunday night to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and a shared love of music. one of the victims of the shooting had ties to our area. denise burditus from west virginia. she died in her husband's arms sunday
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amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ >> last night we saw denise burditus' hedgesville community come together to honor her life and memory. they gathered at the high school football stadium for a candlelight vigil. that's where denise met and fell in love with her high school sweetheart over three decades ago. her mother remembers her as a strong military wife who never complained. her friends from high school said she always kept in touch no matter how much time had passed. we turn to the investigation looking into the possibility that shooter, stephen paddock had mental health issues. his girlfriend, marilou danley said he would lie in bed moaning and screaming oh, my god. investigators don't believe his mental health deteriorated so badly to make him carry out this attack. we're learning about other possible targets he considered. he
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including fenway park in boston and booked rooms in chicago overlooking grant park during louisiana palooza. he never checked in, though. >> seconds after the first shots rang out, people were running for their lives trying to find a safe spot. >> a las vegas fire truck happened to be driving by the concert site when it started. we told you that that shoot went on for about ten minutes. all that time first responders dodged bull totes try to help people who had been injured. there were so many stories we heard about people doing the same thing who would stop and try to pull somebody into a safe space or people who were pulled under the stage and sort of set up a triage space under the stage. just really unbelievable moments to hear people talk about. >> you were there on the ground in the days after all of this.
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in that city really in the beginning of recovering. >> you think about complete strangers, the vegas strip. they're all tourists that come to the area. the people there, everybody seemed to have a little more kindness. you kind of looked at big crowds, people pushing each other. none of that going on. people caring a little bit more, i think, in the wake of all this. >> going to take time to recover from what is -- >> the worst mass shooting in modern world history. thank you so much, aaron. coming up, we'll have a live report from jay gray out in las vegas still with more on how the shooter planned the massacre. this morning, counselors and you psychologists will be at a local elementary school after a case of abuse. police say roy simmons admitted he had inappropriate contact with a 10-year-old girl in bethesda. police say roy simmons turned himself in yesterday. this investigation started five months ago after that girl c
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forward. she says it happened in november. simmons worked as a part-time para educator and worked for kids adventures. three siblings waking up without their mother. she's in jail facing felony charges. the woman left them in her car in her hot car while she went in to work on wednesday in falls church. you can see the holes that one of the kids poked in the window there just to get some air. that hole got the attention of the guy who called police. this is the mom. alexa -- her kids are 5, 6 and 7 years old. news 4 spoke with her boss. we're going to hear from him coming up in the next half hour. 4:34 right now. president trump is weighing in on the virginia governor's race with a tweet. the president made the false claim that democratic candidate ralph northam is fighting for the gang ms-13 and sanctuary
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cities. he encouraged voters to choose ed llespie. he's been running political ads accusing northam of using sanctuary cities. he pointed out there are no sanctuary cities in virginia. looks lying he h-- looks like e gillespie's ads reached his target audience. take a listen to what trump said before a dinner with u.s. military officials last night. >> you know what this represents. the calm before the storm. calm before the storm. >> now, trump said this to a room full of journalists gathered in the white house state dining room to take pictures of him and the first lady. melania trump and the military leaders and spouses. asked what he meant by that statement. trump simply said
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out. equecl superstar alex ovechkin in his 13he capitals. but he's no old man, folks. he's one of the best in the game right now. check it out. >> fire, he scores! score! ovechkin strong, scores! >> i think the announcer liked that. if you went to bed early, you missed the caps first game of the season last night. he scored three goals against the senators. those helped lead the capitals to their first win. next up, the caps home opener against montreal. that's this saturday night. >> ovechkin's 18th career hat trick. >> he's crushing it. he knows how to do that. that's all he can do. that's his thing. >> love him. >> we know that a lot of you might be leaving work earlier today to head to the big nats playoff game tonight. >> lofts excitement downtown. you can feel
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game 1 of the nlds against the chicago cubs. >> what we learn in the playoffs is nobody can predict what's going to happen. everyone tries to and thinks they know what's going to happen but nobody does. you show up and play good baseball and try to take advantage of every opportunity that you get. >> stay calm. >> i know, right. >> you have your playoff beard growing, you have your tickets. here's what you need to know. starts at 7:31 at nats park. expect to go through security as usual. the team is also asking fans to wear red to help celebrate. right now that game is sold out. there are limited release tickets and standing room tickets that might become available. steve strasburg going to start the game in this series. look out for that. >> for all things nats, stay right here on "news4 today." eun, chuck and chris, they're going to be all down at nats park a little bit later on this morning and then
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got wendy, doug and carol covering things for us. eun is huge into baseball. i don't even like sitting next to her when we're talking about. >> way too much energy. >> i know. >> a little anxiety when you're with her. >> i know. >> something for everybody to be excited about for sure. we'll talk to jack about the morning commute in a second. sheena, good weather. >> this is baseball weather. if you're heading to the nats game later, dress for baseball weather. it is already kind of mild this morning. not nearly as cool as the past few mornings that we've seen and through the afternoon. it's going to feel like summer. believe it or not. it's a good sign with the nats game that we have baseball weather. 68 degrees right now in the district. the rest of the area, low 60s. 62 potomac. 63 upper marlboro. we'll keep the temperatures around through the day. look at how warm we'll be. we'll be around 72 this time of the ye
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coming up. now let's check the roads on your friday commute. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. thank you. on 50 westbound in bowie, we have the paving project. the two left lanes getting by. we also have a closure in northwest fox hall road near reservoir. unfortunately, it's a structure fire. so we've got the roadway blocked off. you'll be rerouted in the area. back to you. >> jack, thank you. your netflix binges are about to get more
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okay. this story may have you thinking twice about your favorite fall flavors and scents. students at a baltimore school will return to class today after an unusual evacuation. they were forced out of the classroom by a strange smell. now, our partners at wbal in baltimore dulles, they figured out a pumpkin spice air freshener. that was the culprit causing all of the trouble there, aaron. two students, three adults, they had to be taken to hospitals as a precaution. what in the world? dozens of students were treated at the scene. the school's president says there's a chance the smell may have been from a burned out light bulb. >> pumpkin spice, light bulbs. too much of anything is no goo
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these fragrances. >> some are too strong. we go a little -- >> over board. >> around this time of year with the pumpkins. i mean, you know. you agree. >> i agree. you're right. sheena parveen, 68 degrees. what's up with that? >> that's weird. molette told me pumpkin was her favorite flavor. so weird. >> stop it, sheena. you're causing trouble. aaron is right. it is mild this morning. not as cool as the past few mornings. but i will say, later on today is going to be baseball weather for the nats game. wait until you come in to havertys furniture and save up to $1000 in bonus discounts -
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mp is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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sniper lair to carry out the worst shooting in history. jay, why do investigators think vegas wasn't paddock's first choice to carry out these plans? >> reporter: aush raron, it's a review of 12 cell phones and laptops recovered as a part of this investigation. they know that he not only searched but actually got a hotel room in the boston area overlooking what would be the la la palooza summer festival. he didn't check in there. they also know he did searches trying to find hotels near and events going on at boston's fenway park. there is a belief that this is an example that he was trying to target a large crowd long before the attack here but finally settled on a place he knew more
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>> jay, there have been questions recently about stephen paddock's mental health. what do you know about what investigators are looking into there? >> reporter: yeah. we know that his girlfriend who has been very cooperative with both federal authorities and the police have said that she knows times when he would lay in bed and just repeatedly yell out, oh, god, oh, god, thinking in her mind that he had some mental issues that he was working through. i can tell you that federal agents have said to this point they don't see any type of mental or physical health problem that may have sent him on this rampage. but it's something they're clearly looking closely at, aaron. as you know, you've been here. >> jay gray, we will check back in with you throughout the morning. thanks. mch of the talk in washington has been centered around gun control. >> specifically the push to regulate bump stocks, the gun at
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news 4 capitol hill to break down why democrats and republicans and the nra now calling for regulations, tracie? >> molette and aaron, that's something you never see the nra agreeing with democrats on any restrictions on guns. when it comes to these attachments, the head of nra put out a statement that the atf, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms take another look at whether there should be restrictions on bump stocks we've heard about in the last few days. democrats have called for it. some republicans have said they would support it or open to it. the white house is also saying they want to be part of that discussion, part of that process. that the president is supportive of those restrictions. it may be a very small hint of compromise in this big issue of gun control that eluded congress for years. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. tracie, thank you.
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john ruststern tt he posted online racial threats aimed at howard university students. our news partners at wtop say he showed lilley motion during his first hearing. why it took two years to make an arrest. it took time for them to access the technology used in 2015 and that many devices were encrypted. rust's team went on to ask the judge to release him. but the judge quickly denied that. no trial date has been set. we are also following a story of racism targeting the redskins. >> 'skins wide receiver terrell pryor says someone called him the n-word at the game and he cursed and gave the fan the middle finger. but he says the name calling started hours before that in the second quarter. >> pryor wrote on instagram that this, quote, is the exact reason why guys are kneeling during the anthem and quote, you keep calling us the n-word, we're in
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the nfl says if it can identify the fan who used the slur, it will ban that person. some positive news for the 'skins. after a longer than expected wait, kirk cousins is a dad. look at that picture. that is the best. we're getting a look at the little one there. cousins posted this photo with his newborn cooper and the dog. >> they're just chilling. arms up. cousins said that all three of them got to sleep in a little bit. good for them. the redskins have a bye week this week. so perfect timing, right? >> somebody was missing from the photo. but maybe she was taking the picture. >> always assume, i see my guy friends with new babies. there's always a picture of them posed or the baby on the chest. that sort of thing. >> you're like, where's mom. >> she probably arranged that whole thing. the team plays october 15th at fedex field. so
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morning. >> hurry up. it's the rare october harvest moon which put on a show for all of us across dchlts it's gorgeous. look at this site. known as the harvest moon because it's the full moon closest to the northern hemisphere's autumn equinox. the moon took to the sky and for a short time had a slight orange glow. you should be able to see it until sunrise. >> you didn't pay attention? >> it looked pretty white to me. a lot of you captured beautiful shots of the full moon overnight. loch to see your pictures. tag nbc washington in your pictures. if you say it was -- there it is. that's a good one. >> i've seen it before where it comes up over the horizon, which is the moon rise. and it is just gigantic looking and has the beautiful
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all white and stuff. >> winter is coming, right? >> no, i don't want to talk about that at all. we have 80s in the forecast. >> i love it. >> i love it, too. anyone headed to the nats game, it's going to feel like baseball season. >> puts you in the mood for the win tonight. >> you want some time as the playoffs go farther on. people are sitting in the stands bundled up and it's freezing. i feel bad for them because i don't like to be cold. but today you will not. it is fall out there. you see the leaves starting to change. by the way, i'm going to show you the fall foliage areas and when you can expect it to change in a minute. it is still going to be baseball weather today. 80s into the week. watching tropical rain as we go into the end much your week and early next week. that's the main timing for that tropical rain to get here. i'll show you that with the extended forecast, too. it's 68 degrees now. washington, 62 gaithersburg. clinton 63. not as cool
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outside. by 7:00 a.m., 66 degrees. by lunchtime, close to 80. this afternoon, high of 85. we have the clouds around right now. but we don't have the rain. we're not going to see that rain until sunday. so if you have any plans tomorrow or you need plans, wheaton regional park, strut your mutt, it's a charity walk to help homeless animals. by 11:00 a.m. 76 degrees. by 1:00 p.m., 82. here's the fall foliage peak times for changing colors. head into new england, closer to the canada border. locally, we'll see it more in mid to late october. that's what's going to be the best time here to see the bright colors changing. so here's the forecast into the weekend. 86 saturday. dry. sunday we get the rain chance into early next week. let's check your roads right now with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> hey, sheena good morning. troubles in northwest with our structure fire along fox hall reservoir. everything is closed. you'll be rerouted for the time being.
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couple work zones on the southbound george washington parkway. first one before the key bridge had the right getting by. reagan national, only the left lane getting by. back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up at 5:00, it's the video that will upset anyone with aging family members. elderly woman abuse. now we know how long her caretaker will spend behind bars. are y planning onou
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4:57 now. local worker facing threats simply for doing their jobs. a report from scott macfarlane reveals a problem for employees of uncle sam. >> reporter: federal workers nationwide face thousands of threats a year according to a news 4 iteam investigation. there's been a spike at one agency. this agency. the environmental protection agency. a 50% jump in threats against epa workers since last year. armed federal agents do protect epa workers, including the administrator here. >> we do feel acts of violence. >> you think you've stopped somebody from taking aim? >> yes, i do. >> reporter:t
4:58 am
other agencies are feeling the impact stew tao. our i-team investigation is tonight at 6:00. for now, scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. right now, taking a look at the white house there. in just a couple of weeks you could be standing among its gardens. the national park service is offering up tickets to tour the gardens and the grounds of the south lawn of the white house. the event is happening saturday, october 21st and sunday, october 22nd. free. tickets will be handed out on those days starting at 8:30 near the 15th street and constitution avenue northwest. near that area. >> they may not be the cutest creatures at the national zoo but might be the most electrifying. >> the new exhibit that will open today featuring electric fish, if you will. you can see some of the electric eels and night fish starting at 10:00 this morning.
4:59 am
this is an exhibit that will use all of your senses and it will feature l.e.d. lights, monitors and speakers. all of that powered by the eels with a charge in the tank. >> no. >> you could learn a lot. >> there you go. if you're planning to binge watch netflix this weekend, you have to enjoy the low cost while you can. soon that streaming service is going up again. the cost of it is. the basic service will now cost you $11 per month instead of 10. the premium service now $14 a month instead of $12. netflix says the price hike will help fund more original shows like house of cards, "orange is the new black," and stranger things. those helped netflix land 90 emmy nominations. the better the service does, the award winning shows, people get into that, you pay for it. >> absolutely. it will be hard to stay in and watch netflix this weekend. the weather will be t
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"news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. that breaking news out of northwest d.c., an overnight fire investigation that could impact your drive to work. we'll take you there live for an update. and he scores! hat trick. >> talk about a strong start. the caps, they pull off an incredible wichblt we'll show you the highlights from the ice. let's get some of that luck for the nats too. playoff baseball begins today. the news 4 team is heading out to the ballpark to bring you everything you need to know. first, good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm molette green sitting in for eun yang who is about to join us from nats park in a few moments. >> you know, you think about the nats had this rock star season. >> yeah. >> just one good game, one big win after another. you roll into the playoffs, all this great energy, you've got ha


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